Outlook – Automatically File Low-Priority Emails

Rules can transfer low-priority E-mail messages to a folder depending on the sender’s email address, subject keywords, message body text, and other criteria. When an e-mail is received, the rules take action without your intervention. It can shift messages to folders, forward emails to coworkers, and delete low-priority emails like daily food truck alerts, “who’s in the office” updates, responses to specific emails, and more.

Always Move Messages From [Sender name]

In this example below, we will show you how to efficiently transfer all incoming emails from a specific sender to a designated folder. It’s important to stay organized and manage your inbox effectively. For example, if you receive frequent emails from “Food Truck info” or other sources you subscribed to, like TechSmith, you can redirect them to a separate folder and check them at your own convenience. Instead of cluttering your inbox or marking them as “Junk Mail,” this method allows you to keep your important emails in one place and avoid distractions.

  1. Right-click the email message
  2. Select Rules | Always Move Messages From…
    The Rules and Alerts dialog box displays.
  3. Select a folder
    or click the New button to create a new folder.
  4. Click OK on the Rules and Alerts dialog when finished.
    All new messages from the sender will automatically move to the specified folder.


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