Quick Parts – Quickly Insert Common Text

Anything that you create on a routine basis can be automated using Quick Parts or Auto Text.

Do you find yourself repeatedly typing information such as your notary, signature block, pleading captions, mailing certifications, or optional agreement verbiage?  In Microsoft Outlook and Word there’s a feature called Quick Parts it’s simply a tool that allows you to instantly/quickly insert text you type often by creating a quick list of frequently used text to pull from and inserting into any document or email.

Create New Building Block

  1. Select text, paragraph, or pages of text
  2. Select Insert tab | Text group | Quick Parts button| Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery….
  3. Type a name for the New Building Block, i.e., CBOC
  4. Select a Gallery for the New Building BLock, i.e., Quick Parts (default)
    Protip: Most people use either Quick Parts or AutoText for general text. However, there are also options for saving custom Headers, Footers, Tables, and more.
  5. General is the default Category
    OR click the drop-down arrow and create a custom category to group similar quick parts together.
  6. Optional: Type a Description of how this content will be used or it can be left blank.
  7. Save in location is typically either Building Blocks.dotx or Normal.dotx
  8. Options: Insert content only (default)
    The option depends on how you want the text to insert, on its own line, within an existing line of text, or on its own page.
    ProTip: It’s important to note if you select the hard return when you create the autotext it will insert a line after.
  9. Click OK

Insert Building Block Text

  1. Place your cursor where you want to insert Quick Part text,
  2. Insert tab | Text group | Quick Parts button
    Displays a preview of Quick Parts
  3. Select option from preview list

OR Type the Quick Part name in the document or email, i.e., CBOC and press F3 to expand the text

Delete Building Block Text

  1. Insert tab | Text group | Quick Parts button
  2. Select Building Blocks Organizer…
  3. Select an item from the list and click Delete
  4. When asked, “Are you sure you want to delete the Building Blocks Text?” select Yes and click the Close button

Examples of Legal Building Blocks

  • Plaintiff DENIES the allegations in paragraph *
  • Answering paragraph *, Plaintiff
  • Certificate of Service
  • Plaintiff ADMITS the allegations in paragraph *


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